Commercial Refrigeration

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It’s key to understand the importance of reliable refrigeration equipment, rapid repair and maintenance service to your business. We pride ourselves on meeting those objectives at a cost-effective price.

We provide the full service from design and installation through to comprehensive after-sales support. We can service, repair and maintain your cold storage equipment reducing the risk of unforeseen breakdowns and preventing expensive losses.

Walk-in Cold Rooms

Portable chillers & freezers

Beer Cellars

 Ice Machines

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Commercial Refrigeration isn’t a small investment, it is one of great importance

We know that refrigeration equipment is vital to your business; faulty equipment can draw additional power ultimately costing your company more. Locating & diagnosing these problems is essential in maintaining a return on investment.

A refrigeration unit should be serviced every 6 months to ensure optimum performance and uphold the manufacturer’s warranty, this can be backed up with a full maintenance contract.

We work with all the major manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment providing you with a diverse portfolio of solutions.

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F-Gas Regulations

As an end user, under European law you are responsible for complying with Fluorinated Gas (F-Gas) Regulations. F-Gas regulations impact owners and operators of domestic, commercial and public-sector buildings with air conditioning or refrigeration systems that contain more than 3kg of gas. Only trained technicians can undertake work on equipment containing F-Gases. There is a legal requirement for commercial refrigeration to be F-Gas Regulation compliant. We are accredited to enable us to meet this legislation and provide a log book to record relevant information.

Take steps to ensure?

    • ACR equipment you own is leak tight
    • Regular (6 month) leak inspections are carried out
    • Leaks are repaired immediately
    • A follow-up inspection is carried out one month after repairs
    • Installation and service personnel are properly certified
    • Proper records track refrigerant from design to disposal

What the regulations mean

  • Systems containing between 3 and 30kg of refrigerant charge must be tested at least once a year.


  • Permanent leak detection must be fitted to systems with more than 300kg of charge.


  • Leak tests and refrigeration usage must be logged.


  • Engineers qualified to the F-Gas regulations must carry out the work.

The damage that leaks cause

    • A leak of 1kg of refrigerant causes approximately the same environmental damage as a van covering 10,000 miles
    • Increases adverse climate change ? the ?direct effect?
    • Reduces system efficiency
    • Increases power consumption
    • Increases CO2 emissions
    • It is illegal to top up a system with refrigerant without first finding and repairing the leaks.

Commercial Refrigeration

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